"Creatures of wealth" nft series

Creatures of Wealth is a  limited edition NFT collection ranging from 111 to 1,111 NFT’s featuring pieces of art created from the imaginations of an art lover and two artists.

The first edition to be released will be a compilations of all of the creatures in their habitats with only an availability  of  1,111. Each unique piece will feature our founders favorite creature of wealth and then each creature will receive its own 111 / 333 / 888 edition spinoff.

Virtual and IRL event spaces which allow for youth and adults to attend workshops.

As our founder started to pitch her vision within her networks of real estate investors and business owners she encountered many  who wanted to not donate any portion of profits towards philanthropy. Realizing she had to be innovative she decided to create a NFT where the profits could help increasing the community of people either simply like the art or truly care about creating a space where a portion of events can go towards creating a lottery in which local youth from lower economic backgrounds could attend workshops held on the premise… 

Jatali is taking matters into her own hands and creating an opportunity to connect 3 degrees of separation with likeminded individuals who care about increasing their own wealth as much as giving back.
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Fund the build of a youth friendly physical (IRL) event space in Accra, Ghana. 

  • All hodlers will have their wallet addresses randomly whitelisted to  receive airdrops ( NFT’s, tokens, etc)
  • Once every quarter an event with an influencer in one of our virtual event spaces starting when we sell at least 888 of our NFT’s
  • A 60-90mins workshop for the original holder or an individual holder of their choice. ( every holder after can claim a 30mins long 1on1 workshop with founder Dr. Jatali Bellanton
  • Member/Holder Exclusive BMU Meta items including limited edition physical art pieces backing the NFT’s, etc…
  • Whitelist into the BMU Meta Crypto Hedge Fund
  • Purchasers of 5 or more NFT’s will be given access to visiting Accra Ghana this December 2022 with other Hodlers
  • A majority of the funds raised will go towards creating both virtual and physical event spaces that are youth friendly and provide workshops
  • Access to Virtual and IRL workshops, conferences, Art shows, etc…
  • Cheaper Gas Fees: We are currently on the Polygon Network
  • First access to purchase tickets to attend IRL & Virtual events
  • A pass to visit the IRL BMU Meta location once it is up & running in Ghana

NFT Roadmap


Our goal is to create sustainable philanthropy event spaces worldwide in both the Metaverse and IRL (In Real Life) powered by a community of  investors / philanthropists.  We aim to not only create wealth together but spread its global reach.

One of the ways we will build out our members and raise the equity needed to build our first physical location are via Defi projects like the BMU Meta Crypto Hedge Fund and our upcoming “Creatures Of Wealth” NFT Series…

First location will be in Accra, Ghana ( Land has already been purchased)

It is a term I came up with after years of giving and donating to multiple charities, schools, students, individuals from people who live in battered shelters to creating an annual Kidpreneur Awards Gala where youth could win grants towards their business plans. I realized it would be amazing to create a business where a portion of the profits could go towards the expenses of giving back as well as double as a location where local youth/adults can take workshops.

The goal is by Mid 2022 to start building a 4 to 5 story event space from the ground up in Accra, Ghana.

Waterfront property located in the prime Labadi/Osu area. Ouur first location is 1 block away from Tawala Beach and has a proximity to places like the new General Hospital being built in Accra, Ghana, Labadi Beach Hotel, Movenpick and Kempinski  Resorts and contains features like a parking lot in the basement with both front and back entrances. We are here to ensure ease and prestige

Our architects, developers and crew are Ghanaian / Ghanaian-Americans who after getting their degrees at Universities like FAMU and UCLA and building amazing buildings in America are bringing back their knowledge to the Ghanaian market and have completed many venues all around Ghana

  • Robotics / Coding
  • Metaverse / Web3
  • Taekwondo
  • Kemetic Yoga / Meditation
  • E-Commerce
  • Afro-Ballet
  • Art Therapy
  • 4 to 5 floors (Permit has been approved)
  • Underground Parking
  • Roof top
  • Juice Bar/Cafe
  • Classrooms / Studios
  • Event Floor
  • State of The Art Kitchen 
  • Art Throughout


$2,750,000 (4 FLOORS)


$3,275,000 ( 5 FLOORS)


BMU META Roadmap