AL though it it is nice to connect with people worldwide in the metaverse we think it is equally as important to create opportunities for people to connect in the flesh s…

So a major part of our goal is to create a youth friendly event space franchise worldwide which would not only serve as a base for a lot of our bmu meta community members ( must be holders of our nft’s)  but as well a space where we can teach youth/adults via workshops listed below…

a portion of all profits from any brick & mortar locations  will go towards sustainiing our philanthropic ventures like workshops lead by influencers / professionals who teach youth selected via a lottery system. 




more details to come including a sneak peek pic of the design once we have sold 555 of our nft’s    



$2,750,000 (4 FLOORS)


$3,275,000 ( 5 FLOORS)

Our goal is to create sustainable philanthropy event spaces in multiple locations in both the Metaverse and IRL (In Real Life) powered by a community of  investors / philanthropists who not only create wealth together but spread its reach world wide. 

One of the ways we will build out our members and raise the equity needed to build our first physical location which will be in Accra, Ghana ( Land has already been purchased) are via Defi projects like the BMU Meta Crypto Hedge Fund and our upcoming “Creatures Of Wealth” NFT Series..

It is a term I came up with after years of giving and donating to multiple charities, schools, students, individuals from people who live in battered shelters to creating an annual Kidpreneur Awards Gala where youth could win grants towards their business plans. I realized it would be amazing to create a business where a portion of the profits could go towards the expenses of giving back as well as double as a location where local youth/adults can take workshops.

The goal is by Mid 2022 to start building a 4 to 5 story event space from the ground up in Accra, Ghana.

Waterfront property located in a prime Labadi/Osu area. Ouur first location is 1 block away from Tawala Beach and has a proximity to places like the new General Hospital being built in Accra, Ghana, Labadi Beach Hotel, Movenpick and Kempinski  Resorts and contains features like a parking lot in the basement with both front and back entrances. We are here to ensure ease and prestige

Build Team: Our architects, developers and crew are Ghanaian /Ghanaian-Americans who after getting their degrees at Universities like FAMU and UCLA and building amazing buildings in America are bringing back their knowledge to the Ghanaian market and have completed many venues all around Ghana

  • 4 to 5 floors (Permit has been approved)
  • Underground Parking
  • Roof top
  • Juice Bar/Cafe
  • Classrooms / Studios
  • Event Floor
  • State of The Art Kitchen 
  • Art Throughout

1st Year Potential Workshops:

  • Robotics / Coding
  • Metaverse / Web3
  • Taekwondo
  • Kemetic Yoga / Meditation
  • E-Commerce
  • Afro-Ballet
  • Art Therapy


  • Farming
  • Poetry Slams
  • Live Performances
  • Author Meet & Greets